Faculty/Staff Survey

Penn State's 2008 Faculty/Staff Survey, sponsored by the Office of the President and coordinated by the Penn State Office of Human Resources, received responses from over 8,400 full-time faculty and staff for a 51.4% return rate. The survey featured several new questions in addition to items used in previous surveys in order to measure overall satisfaction and engagement among faculty and staff. The major sections in the survey were Attitudes and Practices, Diversity, Administrative Practices and Activities, and Overall Impressions.

To ensure anonymity, Diagnostics Plus, an external market research firm, administered and reported the results of the survey. The reports listed in the menu on the left side of this screen summarize survey results from a variety of perspectives.

Additional articles are expected to be added to this Web site as follow-up analyses are completed and improvement efforts based on the results are implemented. Survey results are expected to be used by colleges and administrative units to refine and implement their strategic plans, to improve practices and to launch new initiatives that strengthen Penn State's position as a national-level employer of choice.